Friday, January 6, 2012

Feline Fridays- Collage Notebooks

Welcome to Feline Fridays!  I have been inspired by Noah Scalin and his make something everyday idea explained in his book 365.  I got the book for Christmas and I was immediately excited about the possibilities.  I tweaked the idea a little, in that I will be creating cats each week and posting them on Fridays.  I was not sure I could keep up an everyday commitment so this is a nice compromise.  I will still be posting my sewing projects, reviews, tutorials etc. the other days.  I chose cats because, well, it is pretty obvious it ties in with my blog's name.  I plan on exploring other mediums as well as fabric to keep my creative juices percolating! 

Collaging has been on my mind lately, so the first Feline Friday project is collaging on small notebooks.  I used bits of things I've collected over the years: calendar pics, music, a tag off a gift, etc.  I added a small pic. on the back of each so it is not forgotten.  Then I coated the front and back with mod-podge .  My cat, Emma, is inspecting the results. 

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