Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SWAP or Sewing With A Plan

At my neighborhood American Sewing Guild Meeting yesterday, we were treated to an explanation and showing by Audrey who is very talented at garment sewing.  It was very inspiring and makes so much sense to sew this way!  SWAP is actually a contest you can enter, but you can also do it just for the reward of having a wardrobe that actually works.  Seeing Audrey's examples, I was impressed by the details and the workmanship, and the fact that they all came from her stash!  My stash mainly consists of pieces too small for a garment.  Guess I'll have to go shopping! 

First, evaluate your activities and lifestyle.  What do you actually need?  Then plan using your stash with tested and tried patterns.  Make a story board with pictures and swatches of what you will sew.  A good way to start is with an inspiration print, then take colors for other pieces from it. 
Organize fabric into containers with coordinated outfits, and sew one container at a time.  A versatile wardrobe could consist of 2 pairs of pants, 2 skirts (one solid, one print), 6 tops (matching and coordinating) and 1 jacket.  You could of course do fewer pieces for a vacation wardrobe or a fitness wardrobe etc.
similar contests on www.patternreview.com

Thank you Audrey!  Hope this brings the rest of us a little closer to a closet full of clothes that actually work together!

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