Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Free Motion Quilting

Teri Lucas is the featured expert for SewCalGal's Free Motion Quilt Challenge.
First I practiced my doodling, then I stitched on silk- totally changing my design!
I tried out some different threads that had been haunting a back shelf.  Most worked fine, but the gold in the upper right hand corner stretched as I stitched and caused the fabric to pucker.


  1. Very interesting perspective on silk. I've only stitched a little bit on silk. Glad to see you pursuing it. I do enjoy the look of FMQ on silk.


  2. Great job, Cynthia! I quilted on silk for the first time with this challenge, too, and it was kind of a weird sensation. Your metallic thread looks cool. Maybe reduce the tension next time so it won't pucker for you? I love how your geometric fill came out, the one with the little squares and corners, below your name. That one LOOKED easy, but I had trouble with it! I also like your squiggle line with little "leaves," between your name and the pebble fill. Great job!

  3. Very nice ! I haven't tried stitching on silk. Your designs look great! ~Jeanne


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