Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Red Riding Hood Cape

I whipped this together real quick for my daughter for Halloween, but I am hoping she will wear it for other events like over her cotillion dresses or for Colonial dancing.  She is about 5'1" tall.  I bought 2 yards of a thick poly wool blend fabric (no lining).  I measured down 17" from the top and gathered the full width of the fabric.  I hand gathered it because I was in such a hurry, I didn't want to risk having to redo it if the thread broke.  I sewed a fabric tube over the gathering to reinforce it and to act as a tie.  I hemmed the bottom edge, but just left the selvages for the front edges.

I sewed the top seam to form a big, floppy hood.  She loves it!  I figure I can always go back and line it later if I want to.  It survived Halloween and that was my main goal anyway.

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