Friday, November 30, 2012

Sew Slippers for Kids by Julie Johnson

I recently came across this book from Annie's on sewing kid's slippers.  I thought, "they would make great gifts for my niece and nephew!".  The book has 8 patterns that could easily have many more different looks depending on your fabric choices.  I got my sister to trace their feet and then compared them to the full size patterns included.  So many styles to pick from- bunnies, booties, puppies, slides all for girls and boys.  Fabric suggestions include fleece, faux fur and recycled jeans.  I chose cotton because they live in Hawaii.  There is a layer of batting in the soles and non-slip grippy material for the outer layer.  The instructions were easy to follow.

Please notice the Hula Hello Kitty fabric- Happy Feline Friday!

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