Tuesday, November 27, 2012

McCall's 4878 Jacket

I sewed this unlined jacket out of an ecru cotton.  McCall's 4878 has patterns for pants, skirt and a camisole top as well.  Great pattern, but always check the sleeves.  Frequently the sleeves are drawn or photographed with out gathers in the cap, but in reality, they end up with excess fabric there.  For a good shoulder fit, I had to move the seam line in a little so that took care of the problem.

My husband gave me these beautiful copper conchs buttons for Christmas last year.

I used cotter pins to attach them (make an eyelet on the machine).  This way they are removable for washing and I won't have to worry about them doing something strange and
leaving marks on the fabric.

And here is why I usually don't model my clothes for this blog!

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